overall planning


Due to the background of our customers the focus of our planning activity is in the industrial sector. The traditional great customer loyalty and the knowledge about production processes and techniques are preconditions for ideal technical overall solutions. The highest aim of our planning activities is the creation of preferably perfect production environment. This target is reached through intensive coordination between the client and our well attuned, experienced planning team.

ENERTEC understand its function as an overall planner as an information and coordination hub between client, specific planners, suppliers of technologies and public authorities. The responsibility of ENERTEC is the implementation of the client’s specifications and the meeting of quality requirements and deadlines during the planning process.

The planning is partly done by our engineering office ENERTEC Naftz & Partner GmbH & Co KG and to some extent in cooperation with established partner offices for the areas of architecture, structural design and electrics, soil mechanics, sound and fire protection. These co-operations got well attuned through yearlong work.

We are convinced that due to an excellent technical education of engineers in Austria we can offer a quality standard for our planning work that can bear international comparison. Whether projects are located at home or abroad, the centre of our planning is located in our Styrian working environment. When doing project abroad, our local planning team is supported by partner offices on site, which prepare the specific requirements of the foreign country for our planning.

A crucial step towards a successful project is an ideal implementation of the planning for the tendering. For that purpose there is no easy answer but adjusted solutions for each project environment. For the definition of the structure of placing our project managers can offer essential support gained from long experience to the client.

Russia is a rising market. Western planning competence in Austria together with the knowledge about Russian law and engineer standards and the professional implementation of the “Western” planning in Russian projects are a combination which meet the preferences of our customers as far as possible.

For the purpose of our client the planning responsibility of a construction project should be one field of responsibility. ENERTEC is ready to take this overall responsibility as an overall planner.